DATAPTURE is a Framework library, written in PHP, that gives to developeres the ability to develop database driven web sites with a minimun programming. Currently it uses plain PHP and MySQL, and  doesn't have dependencies from other packages.
  • Object Oriented Database system that simlifies common database operations such query search. updating and deleting. Also improves the manner of managing database resources. See DATA_RECORD and DATA_RECORD_FACTORY.
  • Utilities for managing formulary data and session data,  organizing the incomming data in object structures.  Now can you treat the request and session variables as composed objects. See SESSION_MANAGER class.
  • State of formularies can be stored in session automatically.
  • Template rendeing, based on PHP plattform. See RENDER_CONTEXT.
  • Widgets, that simplifies the building of user interfaces. See WIDGET.
  • Automatic generation of  formularies, recognizing the structure of table records and using data type schema information for then generating specialized formularies. See FORMULARY and DATA_RECORD.